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Membership in the ICWGC offers a wide range of activities for the woman golfer.  For the woman who is looking to improve her game in weekly local tournaments with those who strive to do the same, we offer it.  For the very competitive golfer vying to play their very best game in a variety of local Club and NCGA Tournament activities and golf opportunities all over Northern California, we have the challenge you’re looking for. We currently have 68 members in the ICWGC.  We are a fun group of women pursuing a serious game of golf.


Membership includes one year annual dues, NCGA Membership, NCGA GHIN # (handicap tracking) and the NCGA quarterly magazine (which now has an e-edition).  This allows you to participate in all ICWGC tournaments and events (green fees paid separately).  You are also entitled to participate in NCGA Sacramento Area Play Days and PWGA Legacy tournaments (tournament fees paid separately).  A Member Booklet is issued to each member yearly.  The handbook contains a membership roster and calendar of ICWGC and NCGA events and tournaments, insights into Pace of Play, Golf Etiquette, USGA and Local Rules.  It is the responsibility of the individual golfer to know the rules of golf.  New members will be assigned a "Golf Buddy" to shepherd them through their first four or five games of the season.

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Membership Dues
  • Member Dues (2024)                                       $78.00 

  • ECC Tournament Card                                   $5.00

  • Three Put Club                                                       $5..00                            

                                      for a print friendly membership      form.  Make checks payable to: Indian Creek Women's Golf Club or ICWGC. Printed form along with your check, should be sent to the Indian Creek Country Club, attn: Women's Club, 4487 Barton Road, Loomis, CA 95650.

 ICWGC Guidelines for Potential Members

Future members will be asked to: 

  • Play from the White Tees at Indian Creek Country Club on Tournament Wednesdays, at least 3 times, scoring below 70 (gross) to establish a GHIN# (handicap tracking)

  • Develop a general understanding of USGA Rules of Golf, for example:​​

  • How to score​:

    • Provisional Calls

    • A whiff counts as a stroke

    • All putts must be holed out.  No "gimme" allowed

    • What to do if the ball lands in a hazard

  • Have an understanding of Pace of Play and Ready Golf, for example:

    • Be ready for your turn.​

    • Stay up with the group in front of you.

    • Be Ready to tee off when the group ahead is ​ 150 yards out of range or safely off the green.  

  •  ​Have an understanding of Golf Etiquette, for example:

    • Don't stand on another golfer's putting line. 

    • Learn placement of ball marker.

    • Please use courteous and appropriate language.

    • Learn placement of ball marker

  • Most of all have a sense of community, friendship, and sportsmanship.​​​
  • Your Golf Buddy will assist you in getting familiar with all of these Guidelines.

"A Round of Golf is 9 chances to be inspired."

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